Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Some of the rarest creatures in the world found living in a… pond

An amateur fisherman from Louisiana made the discovery of his life when he noticed a pair of white alligators living in a plain swamp.
Weighing only 7 kilograms, the two alligators are not albino, but suffer from a genetic mutation called “leucism” in scientific language. In common language, means that the reptiles in question are affected by a reduction in the amount of all pigments in the skin.

Lena rocks forest – one of the most inaccessible wonders on Earth

One of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, the Russian rocks Forest of Lena, is also one of the most inaccessible tourist attractions on the planet.
Known as the stone columns of Lena, the incredible rock formations are not only charming in appearance, but keep important information within relating the beginning of the world.

Hotel in Newyork made of cards

Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel in New York was built by the eccentric artist Bryan Berg, from 200,000 access cards, which were collected from different hotels who were going to throw them away.
To mark the relaunch of the Holiday Inn hotel chain, the company that owns 1,200 buildings opened the first hotel made entirely from plastic cards, in Manhattan, New York. It consists of a guest room, a bathroom and a corridor, with all the furniture made from cards.

Brandy bottle from 1788 sold for 25,000 Euros

A bottle of “Clos du griffier” brandy, dating from 1788, which comes from the wine cellar of Parisian restaurant Tour d’Argent, was sold for 25,000 euros at an auction.
The amount will reach the Association “Petits Princes”, which helps seriously ill children to fulfill dreams, announced Pias, who organized the auction for two days at the Salons Hoche, in Paris.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Get ready for Space Tour in 2010

Despite criticism about investment financing and completion deadline, the company Galactic Suite is determined to host the first guests of their space hotel in just three years.
A three nights stay at the Galactic hotel will cost 3 million euros, the price including an 8 weeks training on a tropical island.
During their stay in the orbital hotel, visitors can see the sunrise for 15 times and will make a full circle of the Earth every 80 minutes.

Ever heard of The living bridges!

Although it sounds like a metaphor, it’s not. The bridges with roots in Cherrapunji, India, are indeed alive. Unlike most bridges from around the world, the ones here are grown and not built.
Known as the most humid place on Earth, Cherrapunhi is the home of some of the most amazing plants. One of them is the elastic Ficus, a variety of rubber tree, which is developing a set of secondary roots at the soil surface. War-Khasis, a local tribe, has seen this plant potential.

A giant snake caught in forest in China

The picture of the largest snake ever captured, quickly made it around the world after a group of Chinese workers have posted the picture with the huge creatures on the internet. The same photo appeared initially on the first page of the People’s Daily newspaper, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.
Witnesses say the gigantic boa is only one of the two found in a forest during works on a new road that had to cross the Guping town surroundings, in Jiangxi Province.

House on a rock - Rhode Island

Clingstone, a 103 years old mansion in Rhode Island, arranged in retro style, is one of the most unusual homes around the world. It sits above the water, over a cliff that serves as foundation.
Henry Wood, the owner, manages the home with dedication and skill, enjoying family and friends help. The Rhode Island port is hosting the family’s boats and floating dock, sheltering them during winter, in exchange of using the house for one week during the summer.