Friday, 22 July 2011

55 pounds breasts

Chelsea Charms is proud to have the biggest breasts in the world. “Itsy” and “Bitsy”, as she named them weigh now, after long efforts, 12 kilograms each, and their circumference is 170 cm.
However, is not nature that has endowed her with the two giants.
She turned to a breast enlargement operation. Nine years ago, Chelsea, currently an American porn actress, has had a surgery which irritated her breast and, using polypropylene, the body automatically began to pump fluid in her breasts.

Chelsea believes that porn movies, specifically the hundreds of hours of sex, maintained her “boobs”.
“If I hadn’t spent my youth in a continual state of excitement, now I would probably have stepped on my own breasts. But this didn’t happened. They are firm and I feel a real women”, said the xxx actress, of which bust increases continuously.
Chelsea Charms is generally accepted as the woman with the largest breasts in the world. Although she is only 5'3" tall, her big boobs weigh a whopping 26lbs each! In 2000, Chelsea Charms received polypropylene string breast implants. These implants, resembling a ball of yarn, cause the body to produce a fluid around them. The exact amount however is undeterminable, resulting in breasts which can grow continuously to any size. In some women the results were moderate, but as Chelsea Charms had a large amount implanted - the equivalent of 2500cc reportedly, the subsequent breast growth has been astronomical!


  1. I am not against plastic surgery, or breast augmentation specifically, but like with anything else, moderation should be observed. There is certainly truth in the saying that anything excessive is bad, and I guess this case is a good example of that. Yes, breast augmentation has been beneficial for a lot of women, but it doesn’t mean that they can just increase their bust size for as long as they want to. This is also a good example why it is important to choose a trustworthy surgeon, because I am sure a surgeon who cares for you would advise you against going over what is just right for you.

    Shavonda Duarte

  2. I agree with Shavonda. Though Chelsea is already used to the weight of her bust, I guess that is still very excessive. Well, that’s her own decision to look that way, but I hope she also considers getting it reduced. Anything that is excessive is really bad for everyone and I think any other guy would agree with me as far as this biggest bust is concerned.

    Marc Bryan

  3. All things in moderation? So we should never excel at anything. If we all thought like you Shavonda, we'd probably still be living in caves. This moderation philosophy makes me rather sad for people who live by it, what a boring little world you must inhabit. Have you never wanted to push the boundaries, see what's on the other side? And talk about sweeping statements Mark, "Anything excessive is bad". Poppycock!! Whether you like large breasts or not is not the issue (I think they are splendid). I admire her spirit of adventure to be more than 'Moderate'and to say "To Hell with the norm". Wish there were a few more out there like her, GO CHELSEA!!!