Sunday, 5 August 2012

Anorexia? Schizophrenia’s younger sister…

When people drift through the tortures of starvation, scientists warn that the real reason is given by the appearance of anorexia and not by excessive weight or obesity. In this direction, Russian scientists believe that anorexia is, in fact, a dangerous mental disharmony that, over time, can lead to schizophrenia.

About 90% of anorexia cases recorded worldwide relates to adolescents between the age of 12 to 24 years. The remaining 10% are old men and women, who, as a result of depression came to be underfeed.
“Anorexia is always accompanied by a pathological desire to lose weight, as well as an intense fear of obesity. People suffering from this disease presents a wrong perception of their body. They see themselves as overweight, although, in reality, they suffer from a form of dystrophy.
To lose weight, patients with anorexia torture themselves with demanding diets, exhausting exercise, self-cleaning procedures and induced vomiting after meals “, explains Ruzanna Akopyan, a specialist in anorexic psychoanalysis.
According to her criteria, Professor Akopyan said that reliable signs of anorexia are:
1. Patients always feel overweight, being obsessively concerned about certain parts of their body.
2. Often, they eat standing and portion the food into very small pieces.
3. Frequently suffer from insomnia.
4. They isolate themselves from society.
5. They are terrorized by the thought they may gain weight.
Specialists around the world don’t have a common view on the causes of anorexia. However, most believe that this disease is triggered by genetic and biological factors, psychological conflicts, social problems and, finally, factors in the environment.


  1. there's nothing wrong with trying to be skinny

    1. There is when it doesn't stop... Even after the desired weight has been lost, anorexics like myself usually still think it's not enough. Anorexia nearly killed me, I should know. My body became so malnourished that I basically lacked much of an immune system. As a result, death came at me from 2 directions. I developed Hodkin's Lymphoma (stage III before they found it), a blood cancer that effects the lymph system in your body, the framework for your immune system, and can then spread to any part of the body. By this point the anorexia was in control, I wasn't anymore. But either way, the lack of nutrition led to the production of abnormal cells in my lymph system. After there were enough, and they were abnormal enough, that's when the cancer started. Gradually, after that had started, I found I literally couldn't eat... I felt ill and food tasted gross and hurt my mouth (sores from lack of a defense against bacteria). Slowly i also became unable to perform simple physical activities without resting to catch my breath and gain strength (a 25 ft walk to the kitchen was too much!!!). I weighed about 100 lbs, I'm 5'6''. Little did i know, but because my body was so weak from the malnutrition, and now the cancer, fluid began to fill my chest cavity, passed through via osmosis. It compressed my lungs, eventually collapsing them (I could hardly breathe) and collecting around my heart (which was right on the brink of going into cardiac arrest when I got to the ER) I came within hours of dying... Lost pretty much all muscle mass, and had to be put in a coma so they could get my body stable. They did do emergency surgery, and then I was out or heavily anesthetized for about a week and a half; on a respirator, feeding tube, and all the other wires they could fir it seemed. Anorexia kills... My fiance would rather that i have nice curves than be a stick anyway. Just my personal experience, I'm sharing it in hopes that it will make young girls think twice. B

    2. Sorry, I don't speak english, I am 15 years ols and I'm from Barcelona. I will try to explain why I disagree with you (Isabel Gomez) but in spanish:
      He tenido anorexia y, en realidad hablo en pasado porque ahora estoy mejor, por lo menos de peso, porque aun no estoy recuperado. Tengo 15 años y llevo des de los 11 vomitando y bajando de peso y desde los 12 ingresando. He ingresado 10 veces en el hospital Clínico de Barcelona. Primero por anorexia en concreto pero ultimamente tambien por depresion. No hay problema en intentar estar delgada, el problema es el miedo y el sufrimiento que esto puede provocar en el caso de que sufras de anorexia. No hay problema en intentar star delgada, pero tenemos que tener, especialmente las chicas, un poco de caracter y personalidad para decir NO a los prototipos de la sociedad, ya que solo son mierda que nos tragamos quien sabe porqué. No se tu caso. No se si tienes algun problema, estas en proceso, o si simplemente no has entendido la gravedad de la enfermedad y te parece que es asi como un juego. A lo mejor me equivoco y lo se, pero si lo hago entonces no debes sentirte herida porque quiere decir que no te sientes identificada. Pero, por si a caso, necesito decir lo que estoy diciendo. Anorexia engloba muchas palabras. Y ninguna de ellas buena. Mucha gente cree que un sinonimo basico de esta enfermedad es delgadez, pero es falso. Yo creo que es mierda: sufrimiento, lagrimas, obsesion, dolor... Es un problema horrible el de la anorexia. Es el peor monstruo que he llegado a conocer en toda mi vida. Es muy difícil liberarse de este monstruo, Parece imposible una vez te ha atrapado, la verdad. Es posible, si. Pero sigue siendo una putada ultra-dificil. Ya lo he dicho, pero he ingresado 10 veces en psiquiatria en un ingreso completo, y he estado 6 veces diferentes en hospital de dia. No pretendo dar pena, entre otras cosas, ni siquiera me conoce alguien. En realidad ni me entendeis. Pretendo hacer entender al mundo que debemos cambiar. Porque es la unica salvacion. Vivimos en un mundo asqueroso, por eso debemos cambiarlo. En realidad, el mundo es precioso, somos los humanos los que lo destruimos a base de bien. Debemos cambiar eso. Debemos cambiar la sociedad y sus prototipos en el caso del control de la anorexia, y tambien hemos de cambiar su influencia. Debemos tener personalidad propia y criterio para entender que ser un esqueleto o pesar unos quilos menos, no nos haran mejores en realidad. Tenemos que hacer cambiar esto. Debemos hacerlo.

  2. The fine line between thin and anorexia skinny is where the mental illness comes in, it is like once you go down that road you may not get to ever turn back...why even go there?