Friday, 3 August 2012

World,s Strangest Hang Nga hotel, Vietnm

This hotel is actually taking the name of the architect who designed it, Hang Na by her name, daughter of a former Vietnamese president and although it’s trying to look like an authentic tree house, there’s nothing tree’ish about the materials used for building it. Maybe that’s why the majority of the people crossing his doorstep are seeing this more as a tourist attraction, preferring to spend the night elsewhere.
In that rhythm, you may want to hurry up and book a ticket, because I don’t know if that marketing strategy will keep the hotel’s doors opened for a long time.The five-story-high guesthouse has generated a great deal of attention and controversy since its inception, with reactions ranging from criticism and derision to open admiration. The house was dubbed the "Crazy House" by early visitors, a name which Dang soon adopted for the house herself

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