Wednesday, 20 July 2011

350 million euros to get rid of the paparazzi's

One of the world’s richest men, Roman Abramovich (42 years) has spent over 350 million euros for the benefit of a cutting-edge technological invention that will save him from the paparazzi.
Since the late Princess Diana was caught in an embrace with Dodi Fayed on a yacht while they were in a holiday on the French Riviera, celebrities have always tried, in vain, ways to escape the paparazzi.

Chelsea’s soccer club owner is confident that will finally get rid of the paparazzi’s with a system based on laser beam that will detect the presence of any nearby digital camera and will make it inoperable.
This antipaparazzi shield, which is a technological first, will be installed on his yacht Eclipse, currently in final phase of construction on ThyssenKrupp site in Hamburg, Germany.
The device can be activated either manually or automatically. To ensure that no one will disturb its peace when in company of his beloved Daria Zukova, Abramovich has spent twice as much than was originally estimated “his castle on the water” would cost.
The Eclipse’s price, equipped with antipaparazzi shield, cinema, anti-missile systems and an emergency minisubmarin, reached almost one billion euros

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