Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Miracle: Quran verses appears on child legs

Born in Krasno-Okyabrskoye city, Republic of Dagestan, located in the Russian Federation, on the child’s body appeared suddenly at the age of nine months verses of the Koran, the holy book of Islam.
Madina Yakubova, the mother, said the boy was born with a bruise on the chin, but when the bruise heal, in her place appeared the word “Allah” written in Arabic characters. The parents were scared and did not tell anyone what happened until on the child’s body appeared another inscription which said: “show these signs to humanity”.
The inscriptions appeared every Monday and Friday. A representative of Dagestan Muslim cleric did not want to comment on the case, declaring himself as dumbfounded as any curious who wanted to see the baby. The Imam of the village where the child was born is convinced that the signs are “Testimonies of Allah”.
On the other hand, Russian doctors investigating the child does not believe in religious miracles, Ludmila Luss, health professional in the town saying that the inscriptions were made by the parents with the help of an irritating substance such as pepper, paprika or salt. However, ordinary citizens of the Caucasian republics are increasingly convinced that this is a sign of divine warning.

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