Friday, 29 July 2011

Oz – a second Las Vegas will be built in Kazakhstan

To attract tourists worldwide, the U.S. real estate promoter Mark Advent would like that in a ten-year project to build a replica of Las Vegas in southeast Kazakhstan.
The total cost of this second Las Vegas is estimated between 25 and 30 billion dollars.
“We want to attract tourists from around the world, from China, Russia, India, UAE, Turkey and Europe,” explained Advent, President Director General of Oz Group Companies.

The work on the first phase of the project will start in the last quarter of this year, aiming to build an airport, in combination with Fraport, which operates Frankfurt airport.
In approximately 10 years, the future paradise of gambling, called Oz, would receive between 15 and 20 million visitors per year and host 800,000 inhabitants’ after the model of Astana, the young capital appeared on the map just a decade ago.
The complex would be built on an area of 11,500 hectares in the desert, at 70 km north of Almaty, the former capital of the country. Oz will have 25 casinos, 1,000 restaurants, hotels with a capacity of 42,000 rooms and 275,000 residences, according to the promoter.

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