Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lenin died from syphilis, not from a heart attack!

The death of the known Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Ilici Lenin, was apparently caused by syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.
Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, after a prolonged suffering. Historians believed that the Russian leader suffered a series of three strokes which eventually, would have caused him death.
Recently, British author Helen Rappaport discovered a series of documents from Columbia University in New York that she thinks to be the evidence indicating that Lenin’s death occurred as a result of neurosifilis, a form of syphilis affecting the brain.

The documents were written by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov, Nobel laureate and famous for his work performed on dogs behavioral conditioning, said that “the revolution was made by a madman whose brain was affected by syphilis”.
Rappaport believes that it’s possible for Lenin to have infected with syphilis after having sex with a Parisian prostitute, in 1902.

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