Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Suffering from a terrible disease, a girl transforms herself into Cat-Girl

A 6 year old girl from China is going through terrible times, and doctors can’t do anything to help her. On the child’s body started growing thick gray hair, in an uncontrollable way.
Until a few months ago, the little Li Xiaoyuan had only a tiny birthmark on her back. But the mole began to grow hair, which has spread rapidly across the back, arms and face.
“Doctors told us that this is a simple birthmark, even when the hair started to expand, and now it covers half of the body. No child wants to play with her – they called her “cat-girl” and are very mean with her”, says the girl’s devastated father.

A Chinese dermatologists believes that the girl is suffering from a rare disease, which radically change the behavior of normal moles. “If there were smaller, we could use laser treatment, but in this case even if we remove them surgically, there is a high risk of post-operative bleeding”, added the doctor.

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