Sunday, 31 July 2011

Japan slaughter thousand of Dolphins each year

Approximately 2,000 dolphins are killed each year by Japanese fishermen in the small town of Taiji, according to a documentary made by the famous Flipper trainer.
The dolphins massacre in the fishing town of just 3,500 inhabitants located on the southeast coast of Japan was for decades a well kept secret by the Japanese authorities.

Taiji was once the largest center for hunting whales in Japan.
On the southeast coast of Japan, the dolphin hunting season lasts from September to March. The dolphins that fall in the fishermen’s net are trapped in a small bay near Taiji, from where they are kept from escaping with electrified wire nets.
Young females are then separated from the group to be sold to water parks and the rest captured mammals are killed for meat. The blood of thousands of dolphins killed annually reddens the water of the bay.
The entire massacre was surprised by Ric O’Barry, aged 70 years, who has investigated years before could surprise on film the whole atrocity. The documentary made by him is entitled “The Cove” and has already won several awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

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